RBC Rules

EFFECTIVE FROM 5th February 2002

1. Affiliation

1.1. The Choir shall be affiliated to the National Federation of Music Societies or other such organisation as the Singing Members vote for at a General Meeting.

2. Singing Members Obligations

2.1. Any person wishing to become a Singing Member shall apply to the Membership Secretary for an audition which will be held by the Musical Director. If successful, the candidate will be offered Singing Membership. Acceptance of such membership shall imply agreement to these Rules and the Constitution.

2.2. At the discretion of the Musical Director, Singing Members may be required to have a further audition before the start of a new Season. If at such an audition his/her performance is found to be unsatisfactory, a Singing Member shall be given guidance on areas for improvement and support from the Musical Director and shall be given at least 6 months in which to improve following which he/she will be re-auditioned. If the Musical Director finds that the Singing Member’s performance is still unsatisfactory the Musical Director may recommend to the Committee that the Singing Member’s membership be terminated. If the Committee accept this recommendation, the Singing Member’s membership shall terminate with effect from after the next concert to be performed by the Choir or such later date as may be agreed.

2.3. Each Singing Member shall be responsible for seeking to develop and improve the standard of his/her voice and musical expertise so that the Choir can attain the highest standard possible.

2.4. Singing Members shall make every effort to attend all rehearsals and concerts and arrive at rehearsals on time.
2.6. Singing members shall commit themselves to sing in a concert at the start of rehearsals for that concert.
2.7. Singing members shall ensure that they are competent to sing their own part at each concert. A singing member may be refused permission by the Musical Director to perform at a particular concert if the member:
2.8. Is not competent to sing his/her part
And /or Has missed more than three rehearsals in preparation for that concert
And /or Is unable to attend the last three weekly rehearsals prior to that concert.

2.7 Singing Members shall meet the cost of providing music, including hired copies of music where applicable. If music is hired, copies shall be returned to the Librarian in the same state as they were acquired with pencil markings erased.

2.8 Singing Members shall use their best endeavours to publicise the Choir and its concerts and sell tickets for its concerts.

2.9 Singing Members shall provide the Membership Secretary with contact details and keep him/her informed of any changes to these details. By becoming a Singing Member an individual consents to the circulation of his/her details to other Singing Members in printed or electronic format.

2.10 Singing Members undertake not to distribute contact details to any person who is not a member of the Choir without permission from the individual or Committee.

3. Termination of Membership

3.1. Singing Members shall give the Committee one term’s notice to terminate their membership, unless there are exceptional circumstances preventing this. Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed if a Singing Member does not attend the first four rehearsals of the Season and no contact is made with the part representative to advise of the reason for the absence.

3.2. A Singing Member may be asked to leave the Choir in the circumstances set out in Rule [2.2] above.

3.3. The Committee may terminate a Singing Member’s membership without notice if he/she commits an act of gross misconduct.

4. Concert Etiquette

4.1. Singing Members shall wear whichever attire is chosen as appropriate by the Committee for each concert. Singing Members should not wear lavish jewellery.

5. Other Members

5.1. Honorary Members shall be those persons who shall be elected from time to time by the Committee or by the Singing Members at a General Meeting in recognition of services to the Choir. They are not required to pay a subscription.

5.2. Associate Members shall be those persons who have expressed a wish to be associated with the work of the Choir and have paid the appropriate subscription.

5.3. Honorary and Associate Members shall not be Singing Members except where they satisfy the obligations of a singing member in 2 above.

6. Subscriptions

6.1. At the discretion of the Committee, a reduced subscription may be charged to students, pupils at school and others who are financially disadvantaged.

6.2. A new Singing Member shall pay an initial subscription at the appropriate rate determined from time to time by the members in General Meeting. The Committee have the discretion to reduce this on a prorata basis for a member joining part way through a year.

6.3. No refund will be given if a Singing Member leaves part way through the Season

7. Musical Programme

7.1. The Musical Director will recommend a programme of concerts for the forthcoming season to the Committee having taken account of suggestions from the Committee and Members. The Committee will approve the programme having given due consideration to the programme and in particular the finances required for that programme.

8. Musical Director

8.1. A new Musical Director shall be elected at a General Meeting for an initial probationary one year contract, normally commencing in September. Subsequently, the Musical Director shall be subject to re-election at a General Meeting, usually to be held the following January, for a period of time to be decided at that Meeting, not exceeding three years.

8.2. The Musical Director’s relationship with the Choir shall be that of a self-employed person and not an employee. The Musical Director shall enter into a contract with the Choir, acting through the Committee, upon terms to be agreed by the Committee and the Musical Director save that the maximum term of the contract shall be that agreed at the re-election, after which time there will be a further re-election process. The contract must also include a clause that either the Choir or the Musical Director may terminate the contract by giving at least [ 3 ] months notice in writing, such notice to be extended if such notice would expire before a concert until after that concert. The Choir shall only give notice if at least two thirds of the Singing Members in attendance at a General Meeting vote to remove the Musical Director.

8.3. The Musical Director shall not be entitled to vote at a General Meeting of the Choir.

8.4. At no time shall the Musical Director be personally responsible for any debts of the Choir except as he shall from time to time agree or whilst he is acting outside any authority delegated by the Committee. At no time shall the choir hold him out to be so responsible.

8.5. The Musical Director shall be invited to attend Committee Meetings but shall not be a member of the Committee.

9. The Choir Accompanist

9.1. The Musical Director shall make final selection of the Choir Accompanist with advice from a selection committee. The selection committee shall be appointed by the Committee and shall be made up of Singing Members. Initially the Accompanist will be offered a six month probationary contract. This can be extended by a further three years following approval by the Musical Director in consultation with the Committee.

9.2. The Accompanist’s relationship with the Choir shall be that of a self-employed person and not an employee.

9.3. The Musical Director may terminate the Choir Accompanist’s contract in consultation with the Committee by giving at least 3 months notice or until after the next concert, whichever is longer.

10. Officers and Committee

10.1. The Committee shall consist of the following office holders:
• Chairman
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Concert manager
• Membership secretary
• Publicity manager
• Member without portfolio
• Fund raising Representative

10.2. Committee members shall perform their duties diligently and effectively

11. Other Officeholders

11.1. The Committee shall appoint other such Singing or Non Singing members as they consider appropriate to positions to assist with the running of the choir and concerts. Such positions shall not be Members of the Committee.